FMP Last Day 31/05/17

Today I have received printed versions of my magazine. I really like the quality of all pages, but they have cut off a part of pages at the bottom more than above and in the articles with text it is possible to note it. I have known that for printing that might cut out some space, but in the preview, they have shown that it will be more symmetrical. I have left one copy of my magazine and colouring book in the studio for my tutors for memory.

I have finished an evaluation and I have printed and prepared all the material from a checklist. Tomorrow is a final deadline and hand-in day and I am ready for it.



Fashion Promotion 25/05/17

I have wrtitten in detail about a process of finding and collecting material for articles in my sketchbook. I have took screenshots of websites and pages, where I have found products like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and jewellery.


I have shown the screenshts of folders from my laptop, where I have divided all the material, so I could easily find images for creating layouts in Photoshop. I have explained all the process in detail in my sketchbook.


Also I have shown how I have edited all articles and I have writeen about which tools I have used for it. Screenshots of Photoshop show the process of editing.


Furthermore, I have shown the process of editing the interview article in a programm InDesign and I have done a mock up of it, so I can see how this article will look in a real magazine.


I have explained the final stages of adding material for finishing my skeychbook. The final stages were a contents page with a new campaign and a backside cover( see sketchbook for details).


Fashion Promotion 24/05/17

Today I have finished with writing about photoshoot plans of each photoshoot, that I have done. I have placed images and text in the same way for every editorial. I have explained everything that I have planned: location, styling, models, backstage, hairstyle, make up inspirations and make up ideas.


I have created mock ups for each editorial and I have shown all the photos that I have done for every photoshoot.


In my sketchbook, I have explained how I have edited final photos and what tools I have used for it. I have shown photos before and after editing ( see sketchbook for all details).


I draw make up looks on makeup chart for some make up ideas, which we ourselves came up with.





Fashion Promotion 22/05/17

I have finished writing about photoshoot plans of campaigns, that I have photographed for my magazine. I have written about location, hair&makeup, and styling of each campaign. Also, I have prepared some clothes that I might to use for styling. Also, I have explained the editing process of final photos. I have placed a final campaign that I have edited.


I started to write about details, plans, and a process of all photoshoots for my magazine. I  will explain what type of clothes and accessories I chose and I will write about makeup looks, that inspired me and also about makeup looks that I and my makeup artist came up with. I will write about location, styling, model and I will show photos from backstage from each photoshoot. I will show the editing process and I will explain how I edited final photographs. Also, I am planning to do mock up for every editorial and I will show contact sheet from all photoshootings.

I will describe all the details in my sketchbook.


Fashion Promotion 17/05/17

I started to compose all my final material in one document in program InDesign. I combined editorials with articles and campaigns. Also, I added numbers of pages to those pictures, where there are white frames because some photos are full size and I did want to add numbers of pages there.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 16.21.08.png

I was doing this for all day because I have a lot of material. Also in InDesign, I wrote the content of my magazine on the page with editor’s letter. I added white frames just for a change for photos from photoshoots in shop Helen Marlen and showrrom “S.M.L.XL” . On the website blurb, where I want to send my magazine on print is written that all the pages divide by four, so  I had to add two more pages. In total, I have 108 pages in 55 spreads.

IScreen Shot 2017-05-17 at 11.34.05.png

Tomorrow I am planning to upload it on website and sent it on print. Also, I want to upload it on website for an online version of my magazine, so other people can see it and read it online.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 11.34.23.png

Fashion Promotion 15/05/17

I wrote an article with an interview with blogger Lizzy Perridon in program InDesign. Totally, I have two spreads. I have added photos from a photoshooting with Lizzy and some screenshots from her Instagram. I have shown her eclectic style to the readers of my magazine.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-15 в 17.56.58.png

After I have finished with all the material for my magazine, I have arranged it in one folder. I am planning to create a document in InDesign and place all the photos and picture. After I will organize all the pages of my magazine I will write content:  which editorial or article is on which page.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-15 в 16.23.20.pngСнимок экрана 2017-05-15 в 16.23.29.png

For a name of my magazine, I have chosen one with a word “eclectic”, because the title of my Final Major Project is “Eclecticism” . I have two variants of my cover and I can not decide which one I prefer more. I have time for thinking and when I will finish with the pages of my “The Eclectic Journal” I will choose the final cover.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-15 в 16.09.24.pngСнимок экрана 2017-05-11 в 13.52.08.png

Fashion Promotion 11/05/17

For my article about beauty trends, I wanted to find an example of the popular person that wear the same makeup look as from on the runway show. The last famous event that has occurred is a red carpet MET GALA 2017. I have found photos of stars with a makeup look, that I wanted and I will add it to my article.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-14 в 22.04.34

I found that a makeup trend that I have noticed, is really in the trend and many celebrities have used it for a look for a red carpet.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-14 в 22.08.51

I was checking the location of pictures using “grid”.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-14 в 21.38.21.png

I wanted to have different layouts for every trend page, so I have played with a location of models and products.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-12 в 22.53.49.png

For layouts of beauty trend, I have cut out photos of models in different shapes, using elliptical marquee tool. I have placed photos in different positions, so I have diverse types of pages, that are do not look the same.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-15 в 11.34.43.png

After it, I started to create mock-ups of my cover and I have thought of 4  names of my magazine: Fashion Password, Fashion Media, Magnetism and Fashion Passport. I think that photos from the photoshooting from “S.M.L.X'” showroom are suited more for a cover because I have taken more portraits with eye contact and they are matched for a good cover.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-09 в 17.54.27.png

For a more eclectic style of my cover, I chose to create a frame with colorful lines in different sizes around cover-photo. I have tried different combinations of colors.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-09 в 17.49.19.png

Also, I have tried to add patterned lines, so it looks eclectic. I have added a barcode, as on every magazine wich is sales and I wrote one text ” eclectic issue” because my magazine is all about eclecticism.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-09 в 17.48.53.png