Fashion Promotion 29/05/17

I have explained the editing of cover variants of my magazine and I have placed all examples of covers in my sketchbook.


Also I have written what cover I have chosen as a final one and I have showed final variants before choosing one from them.


I have shown a development of creating my colouring book. I have written about a process of editing, creating a cover and how I have chosen paper for its prinitng.


I have done four mock up, before prinitng some with a good quality on special paper. In a shop tindalls, I have bought three variant of paper for my colouring book.

IMG_4958.jpgI have printed five colouring books for each issue of my magazine. I like a result of my book. Also I have posted a photo of my collouring book in my Instagram profile and 10 people have written to me, that they want to buy my book. I am planning to create more books and send them to my followers from Ukraine and Russia.


A final stage was to draw a mindmap of my final outcomes and write final ideas. Also I have shown an exhibition idea, where I will have my poster, computer on the table with my Prada teaster and near the computer my magazine with colouring book. For my poster I have chosen a cover of my magazine, because it is a main final work of my project.


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