Fashion Promotion 25/05/17

I have wrtitten in detail about a process of finding and collecting material for articles in my sketchbook. I have took screenshots of websites and pages, where I have found products like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and jewellery.


I have shown the screenshts of folders from my laptop, where I have divided all the material, so I could easily find images for creating layouts in Photoshop. I have explained all the process in detail in my sketchbook.


Also I have shown how I have edited all articles and I have writeen about which tools I have used for it. Screenshots of Photoshop show the process of editing.


Furthermore, I have shown the process of editing the interview article in a programm InDesign and I have done a mock up of it, so I can see how this article will look in a real magazine.


I have explained the final stages of adding material for finishing my skeychbook. The final stages were a contents page with a new campaign and a backside cover( see sketchbook for details).



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