Fashion Promotion 18/05/17

I exported my InDesign document as PDF and then I started to upload it on website for print. After I uploaded it, the website said that my pages have problems and I can’t continue to upload it. I asked my tutor John about this problem and he said that the size and format of the pages do not fit and I need to resize all of them. So I need to remake my material. It was not so happy news. John helped me and explained what I need to do with my material.

I spend all the day remaking my material. In the evening I finished it and finally, I send it on print! I ordered  5 copies of my magazine. The website said that the issues of my magazine will be ready for 5 days.

Also for uploading my magazine on website , I had to change the pixels so it would be 90 MB, because I can not upload for free more than 100 MB. I have exported one more PDF document of my magazine and I uploaded it on issuu.

The Russia Vogue Issue of May 2017 has 208 pages and I have done 108 pages. I did not even think and I did not expect that I will have so many pages!

Снимок экрана 2017-05-19 в 11.25.50.png

This is my final cover.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-19 в 11.21.57.png


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