FP Idea Development 03/05/17

I have thought of one interesting idea. I can create a coloring book using my photos of Prada accessories and add then as additional small issue “coloring book” to my final magazine”. In photoshop I found a way to edit my photos so they will look as pictures for coloring.( see sketchbook for details)


On my next pages of my sketchbook, I have shown a styling, hair and make of the photoshoot for campaigns of Prada and Miu Miu, that I have done before. Also, there are mock up of Prada article, Miu Miu campaign and Prada campaign. I have done them in format A5 so I can see how the pages with photos will look in my magazine. Furthermore, then I will prepare all the material such as articles and editorial, I will make a mock up of my magazine and I will check how all pages look with each other. If everything will look good and I will like it, the only after it I will send the magazine to print.


I explained how I have edit photos for my final campaign( see sketchbook).


I have written in detail in my sketchbook all the explanation of styling, hair and makeup and about mock up.



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