C+CS 02/05/17 Writing the body of the study

For writing the body of the study I have 4 books:

  1.  Patternity. A New Way of Seeing: The inspirational power of pattern,
  2. Patternalia: An Unconventional History of Polka Dots, Stripes, Plaid, Camouflage, & Other Graphic Patterns, Jude Stewart.
  3. Color and pattern, Khristian A. Howell
  4. Patterns Inside the design Library, Peter Koepke

I will start to write my essay using these book. For further information, I am planning research articles about artist’s inspirations and designer’s interviews.

The body of the study 1st part:

I asked myself about what is eclecticism in fashion. It is a mix of textures and motley colors. It is a combination of diverse and variegated styles and a combination of patchy and manifold pattens. Especially colors and patterns attract customers to try on an item and after buying it. In the shops, people make a choice about what they will check out first. The first level of attraction that pulls customers in one direction or another – it is a color. What is a close second? Not surprisingly its a pattern. These two elements are vital in that split – second first impression that will either attract or repel a consumer from a product. Color and pattern have the power to elicit an instant emotional attachment to an item. Often, this attachment can dictate the consumer’s choices in a market full of similar, competing for products. We all like to own items that feel like an expression of who we are. The resurgence of print and pattern in all facets of design has given the consumer a myriad of ways to specifically assert fierce senses of identity and personality. ( Book Khristian A. Howell (July 15, 2015). Color and Pattern: 50 Playful Exercises for Exploring Pattern Design. Beverly, MA 01915: Rockport. page of an impact of pattern design)


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