FP Idea Development 27/04/17

Today I started my second sketchbook about my ideas development. Here I will show all the details and plans of my photoshoots. Further, I will show the editing of film, photos, editorials and articles.

Firstly I have done a mind map about my photoshoot plan. I have written about location, time limits, models and makeup artists, meeting and questions.

I wrote that I needed to call to my make up artists and to the director of Prada boutique. I have had questions about a light in “Blood&Honey” and “S.M.L.XL” showrooms because there were not enough lighting for good and qualitative photos, so I have asked my friend of my friend, that works as a photographer and he helped me with a light “umbrella”.


My first photoshoot was in Prada boutique. In my sketchbook, I explained all the details about styling and what clothes, where I get it and why I have chosen it.


I have placed photos from backstage and a contact sheet of all photos that I have done for this photoshoot.


Next step was the editing of Prada teaser. I have edited it in program iMovie. I have explained in detail the editing in my “idea development “sketchbook on pages 7-8.



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