Fashion Promotion 26/04/17

I checked websites, where I can find pictures of products for my articles( see the sketchbook). Further, I found one more photoshoot in eclectic style from Marie Claire magazine. In my sketchbook, I have explained why I like this editorial.


As for my photoshoots, I was planning to use clothes from Ukrainian designers, so I research two, that often create a collection in eclectic style. Elena Burba and brand the Coat create clothes in more feminine eclectic style with not so bright pastel shades.( see the sketchbook).


My final stage before photoshootings was a research of fashion eclectic editorials. I found 4 of them, that inspired me of their model poses, backgrounds and styling. In my sketchbook, I explained more about my inspiration.


( see the sketchbook)IMG_1743.jpg

After research of photoshoots, I started to organize my ideas about future styling for every photoshooting. I have created 3 outfits in different eclectic style. First one is feminine in different shades of blue with a mix of pattern and texture. Second is more casual and perfect suits for spring and summer seasons. I mixed striped sweater with flower pattern skirt and shoes and I added a new color and texture with the silver metallic bag. The third outfit is in feminine sporty style. I mixed diverse patterns of dress, coat, bag and shoes in the same color palette. In total it looks comfy and suits for a fashion week.



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