C+CS Writing Introduction 25/04/17

I changed the title of my essay because I could not find enough academic information to start to write it. My new title is “How do artists use pattern in their work?”.  Patterns are the important part of my FMP title ” Eclecticism”, so I chose to focus on them. Furthermore, I have found good books, that ca help to answer on my essay title-question.

Today I finished writing my introduction. I have answered a question: Explain how you interpret the title; What issues/topics are you going to explore?; What will be your focus?; What will your essay show?. My introduction consists of only my words.

My introduction:

The topic of my Final Major Project is «Eclectisicm» and as a fashion promotion student, I am focusing on people such as fashion designers and stylists who work in the fashion industry. By choosing the title of my essay, I want to show what has inspired fashion workers to use eclecticism in their work like fashion collections and advertising editorials. I am going to explore people from the fashion industry that focuses on eclectic style. My focus will be on Patternity in fashion what is it, why it attracts people and how they create it because patterns are a part of the eclectic style. My essay will show the part of fashion artists’ works and the meaning of it and their print inspiration for seasons. My essay will demonstrate the impact of pattern design and the power of it.


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