Fashion Promotion 20/04/17

As my final piece, I am planning to do a mini magazine, so I started to research a context of popular fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, L’officiel.


In this magazine, there are always articles about new fashion trends with pictures of clothes, accessories, jewelry and photos of bloggers and famous people or models from runway, which wear these trends. Also, they write about makeup and beauty trends and they add specific products, which you can buy and use for getting a look like models have on a catwalk.


I have found a Russian makeup artist, that gaining popularity in Instagram. Her name is Mariya Davidova and she is a winner of NYX face awards Russia. Her makeup looks inspired me for a creating my own versions, that I can use later for my photoshoots.


Recently I have bought two magazines L’officiel 1000 models from haute couture spring-summer 2017 and 1000 models from pre-collections autumn- winter 2017-2018.


In these issues, I found new collection in eclectic style and I saw new types of patterns and how designers have mixed them for runway shows and lookbooks.



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