FMP Research 15/04/17

In my sketchbook, I have told about my visit to Gucci boutique, where I have taken photos for my Gucci campaign. Also, I placed a contact sheet, for demonstrating all the photos that I have done. Later I will pick the best ones and I will edit them fro posting in my magazine.

For a styling, I have mixed stripes sweater with a floral patterned skirt, vivid pink middle heels shoes and white small bag with stripes.  On next pages as a background, I have placed prints Gucci scarves.


Next person that I have researched is a fashion illustrator Blair Breitenstein. She often draws models from Gucci’s, Prada’s and Miu Miu shows. She uses chaotic and imperfect lines in her drawings. For a background,  I picked up Gucci’s scarves pattern in the shades of Blair’s drawings.


On the next page, I have drawn girls in the Blairs manner of drawings. For a color swatch of illustrations, I picked the sam shades as on background. All together looks diversified and varicolored.



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