Photoshoot in S.M.L.XL showroom 14/04/17

For my mini magazine’s context, I wanted to do a photoshoot using clothes from brand House of Holland, because it is perfectly suits for the eclectic style. Unfortunately, managers go this brand did not answer me. I did not gave up and I found a way out of this situation.

There is a showroom called ” S.M.L.XL” in Kiev. There are as ukrainian brands and as foreign ones. To my happiness they have House of Holland’s clothes. I wrote an email to them and I asked for an opportunity to do a photoshoot in their showroom. They answered positively.


I styled three outfits in eclectic style. I came up with very beautiful make up looks with make up artist Dari. First one is ombre green eyeliner. It suited for first outfit with a shirt  in blue, green, red and pink print paisley. This green eyeliners looked contrasting with a second outfit.



I really like second male up look with a red eyebrows and orange and red eyelashes. For a cooler look, I added an accessory in the form of a bird feather to model’s left ear and to right eat I put orange flower petals.


There was a hat with very big fields and it was a decoration for a showroom, because the size of the hat was for a small children’s head. But I tried to put it on my model’s head. It did not suited perfect, but it was okay for a photos.


Portrait photos with a make up and ear’s details look so cool and all the details compliment perfectly each other .


Also I added flowers to the bag and a mannequin with a House of Holland dress on the background. I think that a cover for my mini magazine would be a portrait photos from the third outfit of this photoshooting.



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