Photoshoot in Blood&Honey showroom 13/04/17

My third photoshooting was in a showroom of a ukrainian brand “Blood&Honey”. They are specialized in fur. The showroom is perfect suits for a topic “eclecticism” because there are colorful ottomans and armchairs, different plants, printed blinds, and carpets.


I tried to pick up for every shooting, that colors for makeup, that will not be repeated so I will have various unique makeup looks.


As I wanted to choose a carpet as one of my location for an outfit, I said to model to lay down and so I can take a good shot from above and for a better result I took the ladder and I photographed with foreshortening above model’s face. I was not so easy to take photos in this position, but I can do everything for a goos shot. The result was worth it.


For a first makeup we chose unordinary purple eyeliner under the lower eyelid and lips with a terracotta color.



Second, make up look is also unordinary. One idea came to my mind about drawing colorful lines under eyebrows and me and my makeup artist chose to experiment. She has drawn one line and said that we can try to add not  another blue line, but one small circle under an eye so we will have an interesting geometric makeup look. The result is so cool.


For the last outfit, I have chosen to put on panda head. It looks very interesting, unordinary and funny.  I hope that people will smile when they will see this outfit.


I like my final photos and the work of makeup artist Dasha. It is very good we come up with new ideas on the go.


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