Photoshoot in the studio 12/04/17

I booked a fashion room in photo studio ” Pandora” 2 weeks before a date because this studio is very popular in Kiev. As for other shootings, I will get clothes from brand`s showrooms, for this session I had to find clothes, shoes, and bags for 4-5 outfits. Firstly, I asked my friend, who is a model, to bring with her 3 pairs of shoes. She has 41 size, so I can not use my shoes ( my size is 39). Secondly, I went to a shop Zara and I bought there 1 pair of shoes, 3 bags, accessories and some of the clothes. Then I arranged about buying and returning clothes from a luxury multi-brand shop “Spazio”.

shop “Spazio”
clothes from “Spazio”

For the outfits, I mixed mass market and luxury brands because nowadays many people do it and it looks cool together.


clothes for a shooting

Fashion room is photo studio ” Pandora” has many colorful and printed background and floors. This was my second experience of shooting in a photo studio. I set up lighting and I started to work.


Before going to the studio, I and my model Masha went to the beauty salon ” The Girls Hairdressers”, where hair and makeup artist has done braids and light blue makeup. This salon has written me before and proposed me a free makeup and hairstyle for a post on Instagram. I have enough followers on Instagram and sometimes beauty salons proposing me such an offer. We agreed that they will do makeup and hairstyle, that I will choose for my model and I will tag them in my insta post.


I really like how the backdrops supplement and decorate the total outfits. All the looks are in various eclectic style with mixed patterns and varicolored clothes. For some looks, I turned on a fun and clothes and hair were in motion and beautifully untwisted.


My makeup artist Dasha has done 2 more make up looks: one with a light pink eye shadow and second with blue eye lashes.



This shooting is one of ma favorite because the lighting was very good and model worked very well and she gave a lot of poses.



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