Photoshoot in showroom the COAT 11/04/17

The second brand, with which I agreed for a photoshoot in their showroom is a ukrainian brand “the COAT”.

This photo session turned out in more light and calm by color scheme eclectic style.

I arranged matters about a model for this shooting, but she was late for 40 minutes and I called and I said that she does not need to come because it’s too late. Fortunately, my makeup artist was a nice and thin blonde girl and I asked her to help me and be my model. I advised sometimes her how to pose and after we have done with a first outfit, makeup artist Dari set free and posed very well.


For a make up, I chose vivid yellow and blue eyeliners, because theysuits for some outfits and at the same time vivid eyeliners were by contrast with other looks.



The brand’s showroom suits perfectly to my theme “Eclecticism”, because a carpet consist of different patterns and colors of all the sofas with pillows are in motley and diverse colors.



My model-make up artist has piercing and tattoos, but I will edit and delete it with a Photoshop.



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