Photoshoot in Pinko 10/04/17

Today’s started my week of photoshootings. I arranged with models for every shooting and I asked 2 make up artists to work with me. Each shooting will take 3 hours because I have already made arrangements about time with models.


In Pinko boutique I styled 4 eclectic outfits with a mix of patterns, vivid colors and different styles. For this shooting my acquaintance make up artist Masha has worked with me. We have already discussed 2 make ups for 4 outfits.


First, make up was vivid blue eyeliner and shiny transparent lipstick. It suited for a first light blue&white outfit and it played on contrast with second pink, burgundy, gray, white outfit.  In next 2 looks presents a red color, so we chose to make shiny red lips with uneven contour. For adding a new color, Masha advised me to do a silver eyeliner with mascara and we have a beautiful bright and shiny effect.


The first outfit is in eclectic casual style and suits for every day. I mixed 3 types of prints in the same colors and for accessories, I chose a  what bag with colorful stickers and it added new colors for the outfit.


The second look is a combination of stripes and rhombus and with accessories like shoes and bag, I added 2 more colors for a good eclectic look. I and Masha chose to add light pink lipstick for a final outfit.

The third outfit is a mix of vertical and checked patterns in contrasting colors. Also, I added floral print with a bag. I inspired from Paris and Milan street style and I chose for this outfit a red belt on the neck and vivid red high knee socks with heels.

Fourth looks is a feminine one. Silk pajama style costume in red and blue shadows, red backpack and middle heels shoes. Styling a pajama look, it’s possible to do it as a more womanly, with heels and a clutch, and as a sportive, with sneakers and backpack. Both of these variants will look good with the same pajama. In my case, I mixed both of them for a final eclectic outfit. For a meeker up, we added a blue color on the lower eyelid.



In total, I have taken around 400 photos and after all photoshoots I will choose the best and I will edit them in Photoshop. I am satisfied with the model’s and makeup artist’s work.


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