FMP Research 09/04/17

I researched artist ALO, that creates paintings in eclectic style. I found something similar between Miu Miu models and ALO’s girls from paintings, so I picked models that look alike and I added a background in style of ALO’s works. Also I drew my three versions of artists’ paintings.


Second topic, that I researched is fashion bloggers. I was looking for a person that I can interview for an article in my magazine. I think that bloggers are important nowadays, because many people use social media and follow bloggers, that can promote clothes and other products thru posting posts on their blogs or social media accounts.


I researched two more photographs, that mostly work in eclectic style. I have mentioned that Philippe Jarrigeon prefers style of 60s 70s, when Aleksandra Kingo quite the reverse creates very modern and stylish photos.


Surely I explored brand Gucci, because it is the most eclectic brand ever. A creative director Alessandro Michele mixes everything together in his collections. I think that sometimes Alssesandro can overdo with this style.


As for every collage in my style, I am doing funny fashion things. This time I mixed pictures from Gucci’s campaigns, runways, backstages and from official website.



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