FMP Research 08/04/17

I continued my research with fashion photographers Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. Together they have a company called JUCO Photography. When I looked Juco’s website, I understood that they work in eclectic style and their photographs are all about diversified prints, especially the background.

In my sketchbook, I drew details of photos as their continuation. I like this decor because it looks like ‘life photo’ and details can run away from pictures.


A fashion stylist is one of the main people from mini magazine’s campaigns and photoshoots . They create a certain and unique atmosphere on photos. This street style star and fashion stylist I have mentioned before in my mind map. Her name is Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert. Her clients are famous luxury brands like Michael Kors, Fendi, Christian Dior, Bottega Veneta, and Bulgari.


Next brand that I researched is Miu Miu. It is the second line of Miuccia Prada. Not every Miu Miu`s collection is in eclectic style, but quite often Miuccia creates clothes with a big variety of prints and she mixes them together with bright colored details.


Then I made a collage using photos from Miu Miu show backstage. What is makes my collages unique, interesting and eye-catching? It is unordinary and sometimes even extraordinary combination of pictures in a funny way. Sometimes my collages are peculiar and I make them in this style because people want to contemplate and make out something from them. But I just want to make them interested and laugh, because in ordinary life people do not laugh from fashion pics, so I make them do it.


On next page of my sketchbook, there are photos from Miu Miu’s spring-summer 2014 advertising campaign, that inspired me to do my version of their campaign.


Here you can see my drawings of brand’s runway details. I focused on prints, patterns, and color because they are the main component of my theme “Eclecticism”.


I have told about my visit to Miu Miu’s boutique in London. Also, I have placed a contact sheet of all the photos that I made for Miu Miu campaign for my magazine.



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