Photoshoot in Prada Boutique 07/04/17

The day before photoshoot in Prada boutique I have called to them and I told about my project and I asked for a possibility to do a photoshoot in their boutique. I was assigned a meeting on Friday morning with a director of Prada shop in Kiev. The next morning I met director, Ekaterina Kulik. We discussed details of shooting over a cup of coffee. I wanted to make photos of total Prada look, but Ekaterina said that the main Prada office will say no and Prada Kiev workers will need to talk and explain for a long time about my project and whether it will be useful for them. I suggested to make photos only of details like shoes and bags with hands and Ekaterina said that this idea is more possible to realize.

I took a lot of Prada’s collection and I took photos of products, that I may to use for styling.


Already in the afternoon, my friend came to a boutique to be my model. She has long and thins legs and hands, so she is perfectly suited for my shooting.


I styled 5 outfits with skirts, trousers, socks, bags, shoes and bag charms.


Furthermore, I filmed how my model was climbing the stairs in high heels with brilliants. I caught moments how these brilliants were shining. I realized my idea with a teaser for a new collection. I will edit these shots and I will make it looks more interesting and captivating.


I am so happy, that I was able to make photo session in the Prada boutique in Kiev and also I met personally Prada’s director and merchandiser.



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