FP Research 05/04/17

After I picked up paintings to clothes I thought of creating my own collection using canvases and cut out from them different pieces like jackets, shirts, skirts and trousers. I chose from the site with artworks different geometric and abstract painting and I picked up matching patterns together. Also, I cut out model`s faces, hands and feet, and belts. For finishing my outfits I drew details on clothes like buttons, collard, and seams. I added small parts of the clothes prints on the background to my final outfits. I think that it looks like a real Prada’s collection.


In my sketchbook, I wrote about the research of new brands in “Saks” shopping center from New York trip week.

For creating qualitative and stylish photoshoots for my magazine I wrote emails to brands and showrooms for having an opportunity to do a photoshoot using their clothes in their shops for photoshoots. For now, only one big brand answered me, but not positively. Missoni’s manager has said that they can’t help me. To be quite honest, I don’t expect a positive answer from any big brands,  which I wrote: Miu Miu, Etro, House of Holland, because the are too popular to help to students and maybe its a waist of time for them to give consideration for small (as they think) projects. I was really happy that Missoni Manager has answered, even if the answer not positive. As Ukrainian brands and showroom are not so popular, they are more open for collaborations. For now, I have positive answers from 2 brands, 1 showroom, and 1 boutique and I am waiting for four new emails from brands.


I need models for my photoshoot. I created an online casting for a photoshoot on Ukrainian website acmodasi.com.ua. Also, I want to try to find a model from an agency and I want to compare which way is better.

Also as my research, I wrote about my inspiration for choosing a theme “Eclecticism” – the street style. Further, I picked a mood and characteristic for every woman that I have put in my sketchbook. I asked my tutor Jon if I picked everything in a write way and he asked me to explain why I chose exactly that mood to a woman and I explained my thoughts. Jon said that if I can explain every characteristic that I wrote, it is right.


I inspired from Milan, Paris, New York fashion weeks street style 2017 and I created new outfits in different eclectic styles using website Polyvore. Furthermore, I wrote about a woman, who prefers eclecticism in fashion and what is she. I wrote this information in a not ordinary way because it is not easy to understand a woman who prefers eclectic style.



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