FP Research 03/04/17

I am planning to do a mini magazine as my final work. In the beginning of magazines like Vogue, Elle, there are advertising campaigns of brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel. I also want to make campaigns for brands and add it in the beginning of my magazine.

In London, I went to Prada boutique and I looked for the latest collection in eclectic style. I styled a look with my model Lizzy and I are photos for my Prada campaign.


My next research was about different types of prints and patterns because it’s the main part of my theme ‘Eclecticism’. I want to know more about patterns because I am working with it and furthermore I will broaden my mind with new information.


Also I wrote about my visit to Fashion and Textile Museum.


When I was writing about works from Fashion and Textile Museum exhibitions, one idea came to my mind. I can pick up painting to clothes from Prada runway show. The search of artworks, that are similar to Prada clothes took a long time, but I really like the result.



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