FP Idea Development 27/04/17

Today I started my second sketchbook about my ideas development. Here I will show all the details and plans of my photoshoots. Further, I will show the editing of film, photos, editorials and articles.

Firstly I have done a mind map about my photoshoot plan. I have written about location, time limits, models and makeup artists, meeting and questions.

I wrote that I needed to call to my make up artists and to the director of Prada boutique. I have had questions about a light in “Blood&Honey” and “S.M.L.XL” showrooms because there were not enough lighting for good and qualitative photos, so I have asked my friend of my friend, that works as a photographer and he helped me with a light “umbrella”.


My first photoshoot was in Prada boutique. In my sketchbook, I explained all the details about styling and what clothes, where I get it and why I have chosen it.


I have placed photos from backstage and a contact sheet of all photos that I have done for this photoshoot.


Next step was the editing of Prada teaser. I have edited it in program iMovie. I have explained in detail the editing in my “idea development “sketchbook on pages 7-8.



Fashion Promotion 26/04/17

I checked websites, where I can find pictures of products for my articles( see the sketchbook). Further, I found one more photoshoot in eclectic style from Marie Claire magazine. In my sketchbook, I have explained why I like this editorial.


As for my photoshoots, I was planning to use clothes from Ukrainian designers, so I research two, that often create a collection in eclectic style. Elena Burba and brand the Coat create clothes in more feminine eclectic style with not so bright pastel shades.( see the sketchbook).


My final stage before photoshootings was a research of fashion eclectic editorials. I found 4 of them, that inspired me of their model poses, backgrounds and styling. In my sketchbook, I explained more about my inspiration.


( see the sketchbook)IMG_1743.jpg

After research of photoshoots, I started to organize my ideas about future styling for every photoshooting. I have created 3 outfits in different eclectic style. First one is feminine in different shades of blue with a mix of pattern and texture. Second is more casual and perfect suits for spring and summer seasons. I mixed striped sweater with flower pattern skirt and shoes and I added a new color and texture with the silver metallic bag. The third outfit is in feminine sporty style. I mixed diverse patterns of dress, coat, bag and shoes in the same color palette. In total it looks comfy and suits for a fashion week.


C+CS Writing Introduction 25/04/17

I changed the title of my essay because I could not find enough academic information to start to write it. My new title is “How do artists use pattern in their work?”.  Patterns are the important part of my FMP title ” Eclecticism”, so I chose to focus on them. Furthermore, I have found good books, that ca help to answer on my essay title-question.

Today I finished writing my introduction. I have answered a question: Explain how you interpret the title; What issues/topics are you going to explore?; What will be your focus?; What will your essay show?. My introduction consists of only my words.

My introduction:

The topic of my Final Major Project is «Eclectisicm» and as a fashion promotion student, I am focusing on people such as fashion designers and stylists who work in the fashion industry. By choosing the title of my essay, I want to show what has inspired fashion workers to use eclecticism in their work like fashion collections and advertising editorials. I am going to explore people from the fashion industry that focuses on eclectic style. My focus will be on Patternity in fashion what is it, why it attracts people and how they create it because patterns are a part of the eclectic style. My essay will show the part of fashion artists’ works and the meaning of it and their print inspiration for seasons. My essay will demonstrate the impact of pattern design and the power of it.

Fashion Promotion Research 24/04/17

The next step for my research is a review of film “September issue”. It was very interesting to see how a creative director of Vogue USA Anna Wintour works on Vogue September Issue with her team. I saw how they create photoshoot and why Anna does not pick some photos for editorials. In my sketchbook, I have explained more detailed about my review go this movie.


After I printed cover of magazines like L’officiel, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. I covered with drawing in eclectic style the models and letters. By doing this I wanted to show my ideas about my future cover. I will do mock-up of the cover of my mini magazine in the same style as the covers, that I have changed.



Then I researched editorials, articles, and photoshoots in eclectic style. I saw how professional people style outfits in this style. In my sketchbook, I have explained more detailed about my ‘eclectic editorials research’.


Fashion Promotion 20/04/17

As my final piece, I am planning to do a mini magazine, so I started to research a context of popular fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, L’officiel.


In this magazine, there are always articles about new fashion trends with pictures of clothes, accessories, jewelry and photos of bloggers and famous people or models from runway, which wear these trends. Also, they write about makeup and beauty trends and they add specific products, which you can buy and use for getting a look like models have on a catwalk.


I have found a Russian makeup artist, that gaining popularity in Instagram. Her name is Mariya Davidova and she is a winner of NYX face awards Russia. Her makeup looks inspired me for a creating my own versions, that I can use later for my photoshoots.


Recently I have bought two magazines L’officiel 1000 models from haute couture spring-summer 2017 and 1000 models from pre-collections autumn- winter 2017-2018.


In these issues, I found new collection in eclectic style and I saw new types of patterns and how designers have mixed them for runway shows and lookbooks.


Photoshoot in Helen Marlen Shop 18/04/17

Director of Prada Ekaterina Kulik has boutique helped me to organize a photoshooting in multi-brand shop Helen Marlen in Mandarin Plaza. Helen Marlen chain stores are popular in Ukraine. They have foreign brands and Ukrainian also. I have written off emails to PR manager of this shop and we have agreed on the shooting. I was limited in time and I had to manage for two hours, so as not to interfere with the customers.


This time I tried to find a model thru a model agency. I called to the popular Ukrainian agency “Viva Models” and their manager send me photos of models, that can work in that day. By type, I like a model Ekaterina and we made arrangements about her work from 10:00-12:00 in the shop.


I styled three outfits using Ukrainian and foreign brands. The first look is more in ethnic style, because of the top’s print. Second is in a romantic mood, because of lightweight fabric with a floral print, but at the same time is looks playful, because I added crew color socks to black high heels. This outfit is in audacious style because go high heels and neckline on a skirt and red lips. I like the combinations of horizontal and vertical stripes in different shades of colors.


For a makeup me and Dari have chosen a natural look for the first outfit, romantic light blue eyeshadows and light pink lips for a second one and Dari has added red lips to previous blue shadows.


In this photoshoot, I have shown my idea of different eclectic moods. I have written before, that eclectic style can show every kind of women mood and I did this in photoshoot in Helen Marlen shop.





FMP Research 17/04/17

On this page, I have told about my meeting with an insta blogger Lizzy. I have written all the questions that I asked her and I have placed a contact sheet with all the photos. I really like photos of Lizzy, because they are so bright and colorful. I liked the most a graffiti background because it looks more eclectic.


The next brand, that I have researched is Fendi. Creative director Karl Lagerfeld often uses geometric patterns in his collections. Also, he likes to decorate accessories with floral prints. For a background of Fendi models, I have drawn diverse colorful geometric lines for a better eclectic look of sketchbook’s pages.


Then I have drawn illustrations in the style of Spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection. I changed the colors and patterns combinations, but the silhouettes are the same. The geometric background has added more eclecticism to my sketchbook’s design.