FP Research 30/03/17

After drawing details, I made a collage of photos from three Prada advertising campaigns. I picked the photos and located them in the order, that all together they look as one varied campaign. By doing this I wanted to show, that actually all the campaigns are similar to each other.


I continued my research by looking at Prada`s youtube channel. I found there the latest video campaign, where shots of models, that walking and climbing up the stairs inspired me for creating a teaser for a new collection. As I already focused on details from runway, I continued to do it and to my mind came one interesting idea of showing details from a new collection. The teaser is an advertising or promotional device intended to arouse interest or curiosity. I wanted to make very interesting and try to interest viewers to a new Prada’s collection.


My second idea is to make a photoshoot of Prada’s accessories using only hands with bags and feet with shoes or with further details as bag charms or scarves. This idea came to my mind when I was looking for Prada’ campaigns and I noted that they often focus on details and it is a good notion to create campaign only with accessories.


By doing my research about brand Prada and Prada’s designer inspiration from the 70s I found a cool website about where did Miuccia`s inspiration came from and its connected with 70s patterns. This article was very useful for me and my topic because I know now and interesting artist as David Hicks and also I know more about one of my favorite brand and from where they get ideas.


I inspired from David Hick`s works and I created my versions of it with using models from Prada F/W12 show and I imagined if Prada’s designer has inspired from my prints and that’s how it looks.


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