FP Research 29/03/17

I continued my idea of comparing eclectic 70s style with modern and I thought of creating a questioning and ask people and check if they guess in what year the photo is taken. I specifically picked up photos to make the modern look like that made 40 years ago and photos from the 70s to look like they are modern. I made a mistake with one photo, where the modern girl wears stilettos, because in 70s women wore a low wide heel, so all people chose that this photo is modern and I could not get them confused and think more about it.


Also, I made a collage in a funny mood, using only models, who are wearing the same Gucci print. I wanted to play with a structure of geometric print and make it looks differently. I changed the position, size and shape of it. All in all, it looks interesting, eye- catching and funny. Furthermore, I think that people will want to examine the collage and find new details.


I decided to mix primary and secondary research together. I will start with one theme about  brand, artist, photographer, as I did with topic ‘ 70s ‘ . Then I will read about it more detailed and I will write also my opinion about it and why I chose it. Afterward, I will do collages, 70sdrawings, illustrations, photos about this theme for better research.

After the 70s I started to research a brand, that inspired and this is Prada. There are Prada photos in my moldboard as well.

I wrote about two spring collections in an eclectic style and why they attracted my attention.


Then I focused on details from Prada runway show and I chose to draw them in colored pencils. I chose exactly this drawing media because I can draw in details and show all the parts clearly as they are.


For having my sketchbooks pages look more in the eclectic style I added colorful stripes on the background. These lines are in the same color as outfits from a catwalk.



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