FP Research 27/03/17

I finished with comparing eclectic 70s with modern eclectic style and I added information about 70s trends and about my inspiration. I noted, that a lot of bloggers prefer to wear clothes in eclectic style and they add some trends from the 70s like a patterned top on a turtleneck or a combination of vertical and horizontal striped patterns in matching colors.


I continued my research of the 70s by using different methods for creating outfits. I explained about my idea of using two styles of eclecticism: less colorful with a larger amount of patterns and more colorful and brighter, but with one type of pattern.


Also, I used website polyvore.com for creating outfits and showing how eclectic 70s can look nowadays. Further, I wanted to show what type of outfits I would like to have for my final photoshoots.


Further, I inspired from the 70s pattern and I created my own prints in 70s style and more modern versions. Mainly I used bright and vivid colors because I wanted to show the colorful mood of eclectic style.



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