FP Research 23/03/17

I started my research for Final Major Project. For a better understanding of what is eclecticism not only in fashion, I read about its appearance in philosophy and art. For a first page of sketchbook I wrote 3 descriptions of” eclecticism” from articles and for a second page I wrote about it in fashion industry. As I have finished different fashion styling courses, I already known about eclecticism in fashion, so I wrote information by myself.

After two pages of explanations and descriptions , I began next research with 70s, because eclectic style appeared in those years. I thought of idea of comparing eclectic style in 70s and nowadays and I showed that bloggers and public figures use eclectic 70s style now.

It was not to so easy to find photos from modern street style that are very similar to 70s style. I spent a lot of time for research, but it was worth it, because I found photos with similar style I was able to confirm that people use eclectic 70s style now.



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