Fashion Promotion 22/03/17

For my second moodboard I placed images in more chaotic way, because I want to show different kind of moods. There are pictures from street style, because its a part of my inspiration for my project, as I saw photos from NY and Milan street style before choosing a theme, so I inspired by them . Also there are campaign photos, I chose them, because the styling is consist of mixing of colorful patters and I am looking for this for my project. As well I put a photo of multicolor architecture for maintenance of the idea putting fashion imaged next to architecture. The background is in the same style as in my first moldboard, but with other colors and prints.


As I am planning to make photoshoots for my mini magazine I need clothes for outfits in eclectic style. I wrote emails to ukranian brands, whose collections are in eclectic style and I asked if it possible to make a photoshoot using their products. Further I wrote emails to brand managers of Missoni,Etro, House of Holland and to Miu Miu’ press office and I am waiting for answers.

Снимок экрана 2017-03-28 в 09.00.13.png

Снимок экрана 2017-03-28 в 09.00.40.png

Снимок экрана 2017-03-28 в 09.01.16.png



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