Contextual Studies 21/03/17

On my lesson I received a printout with a guide to CSVPA magazines. I looked on vogue archive  and I read the last Vogue US and I researched for an article about eclecticism for finding good material, that can help me to write my essay. Me and my tutor found article ‘ Fashion, Postmodernity and Personal Appearance: A Symbolic Interactionist, Authors : Susan B. Kaiser, Richard H. Nagasawa and Sandra S. Hutton. I will read it and I think that it can be useful for me. After I will read article I will continue my research.

Second source is that I found is Fashion in 70s, May Swenson. As I am focusing on 70s, because eclectic style has appeared in this years, this resourse might be helpful for me ( )

Third source is 20th Century, Jane Adlin and Amelia Peck. There are information about textiles and patterns. I think that it can help me, because I am focusing on prints and patterns for my Final Major Project Theme “Eclecticism” ( )


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