Fashion Promotion 20/03/17

I started to write down my ideas about eclecticism and how I see it in fashion and what or who can inspires me. First thing that I wrote was ‘color’, because everything starts with it. After it more ideas started to come to my mind and I put down all of them on pages of my sketchbook. There are not only specific examples like brand and patterns, I wrote definition and interpretation of eclecticism in fashion. Eclectic style is possibility, because you can wear any piece from any style and create cool outfit. Eclectic style is ‘never say never’, because you may thought that you don’t like how pink striped pattern looks with blue floral pattern, but some time later you can find somewhere on website or magazine the outfits with the mix of those patterns but differently and with another accessories  and you may want to buy ad wear it. Eclectic style is ‘ no rules’, because it imply a mix of any style with other and you can do what you want and do not follow fashion rules about colors and prints. Eclectic style is creativity, because all that you have in your mind , you can express thru the eclectic style and wear it!

As eclecticism in fashion is a mix of every style together , I want to show different kind of mood, because its possible to convey everything you want!


Also I begun to collect images to show a mood of eclecticism in fashion. I wanted to gather together images in different eclectic style. I picked up all the images by color and look and how they produce a mood, that I want.


On the first moodboard you can find campaigns and backstage photos from ukrainian and european designers. Also there is a photo of architecture, I put it next to photo from Prada’s backstage and it gives me an idea, that I can use the composition of architecture photos with fashion ones for my mini magazine. On the background I combined black&white patterns with colorful for an effect of junctions of fashion eclecticism.



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