NY 16/03/17

According to plan we had to go on High Line, but it was closed, so we have had a free time till 12:30. Me and Vicky went to have a breakfast in Cafe Henrie.


When our group visited Brooklyn Museum. The museum is New York City’s third largest in physical size and holds an art collection with roughly 1.5 million works. I found there only one painting, that relates to my project theme “Eclecticism” and I drew a sketch of it in my sketchbook.


For further research, me and Vicky went to Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology. We visited 2 exhibitions: Black fashion designers and Paris Refashioned 1957-1968.


The designers featured in Black Fashion Designers work in a diverse range of individual styles. They do not all speak in one voice. The exhibition draws exclusively from the permanent collection of The Museum at FIT and is organized according to categories the themes, such as eveningwear, menswear, street style, experimental fashion, and African influences.


Paris Refashioned, 1957-1968 examines the combined influence of French haute couture, ready to wear, and popular culture, highlighting how changes that look place during this time period helped to shape the fashion industry as we know it today.


I really liked both exhibitions and I found outfits that relate to my theme. I have done illustrations in my sketchbook .

In the evening, me and Vicky went to Ambassador Theater for broadway show “Chicago”. It was interesting and funny! We liked it!





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