New York Trip 12/03/17

This is my first time in America and I am so excited! At around 13:00 on local time our group arrived in hotel “Wolcott”. We have had a free time till 7pm, because we had to go to Empire State Building. I and my friend Vicky were hungry and we decided to go to have a lunch together. Before going to New York I looked in the internet for a nice places to eat, so we have already known where to go.


First lunch in NY city we ate in cafe “Jack’s wife Freda”. Food was so delicious. Afterwards we went to see popular district Soho, because it was near to this cafe.



I really liked the colors of Soho: white, beige,black,grey,burgundy and all shades of brown. I liked the style of buildings and that the fire escape staircase are outside and in tone to their  edifices.



In the evening our group went to Empire State Building. We were on 86th floor and we saw a beautiful panorama of night New York city.




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