FP Research 30/03/17

After drawing details, I made a collage of photos from three Prada advertising campaigns. I picked the photos and located them in the order, that all together they look as one varied campaign. By doing this I wanted to show, that actually all the campaigns are similar to each other.


I continued my research by looking at Prada`s youtube channel. I found there the latest video campaign, where shots of models, that walking and climbing up the stairs inspired me for creating a teaser for a new collection. As I already focused on details from runway, I continued to do it and to my mind came one interesting idea of showing details from a new collection. The teaser is an advertising or promotional device intended to arouse interest or curiosity. I wanted to make very interesting and try to interest viewers to a new Prada’s collection.


My second idea is to make a photoshoot of Prada’s accessories using only hands with bags and feet with shoes or with further details as bag charms or scarves. This idea came to my mind when I was looking for Prada’ campaigns and I noted that they often focus on details and it is a good notion to create campaign only with accessories.


By doing my research about brand Prada and Prada’s designer inspiration from the 70s I found a cool website about where did Miuccia`s inspiration came from and its connected with 70s patterns. This article was very useful for me and my topic because I know now and interesting artist as David Hicks and also I know more about one of my favorite brand and from where they get ideas.


I inspired from David Hick`s works and I created my versions of it with using models from Prada F/W12 show and I imagined if Prada’s designer has inspired from my prints and that’s how it looks.


FP Research 29/03/17

I continued my idea of comparing eclectic 70s style with modern and I thought of creating a questioning and ask people and check if they guess in what year the photo is taken. I specifically picked up photos to make the modern look like that made 40 years ago and photos from the 70s to look like they are modern. I made a mistake with one photo, where the modern girl wears stilettos, because in 70s women wore a low wide heel, so all people chose that this photo is modern and I could not get them confused and think more about it.


Also, I made a collage in a funny mood, using only models, who are wearing the same Gucci print. I wanted to play with a structure of geometric print and make it looks differently. I changed the position, size and shape of it. All in all, it looks interesting, eye- catching and funny. Furthermore, I think that people will want to examine the collage and find new details.


I decided to mix primary and secondary research together. I will start with one theme about  brand, artist, photographer, as I did with topic ‘ 70s ‘ . Then I will read about it more detailed and I will write also my opinion about it and why I chose it. Afterward, I will do collages, 70sdrawings, illustrations, photos about this theme for better research.

After the 70s I started to research a brand, that inspired and this is Prada. There are Prada photos in my moldboard as well.

I wrote about two spring collections in an eclectic style and why they attracted my attention.


Then I focused on details from Prada runway show and I chose to draw them in colored pencils. I chose exactly this drawing media because I can draw in details and show all the parts clearly as they are.


For having my sketchbooks pages look more in the eclectic style I added colorful stripes on the background. These lines are in the same color as outfits from a catwalk.


C&CS 28/03/17

Variants of titles for my essay:

How eclecticism in fashion has changed?

What is the difference between eclectic style in the 70s and nowadays?

Why was eclecticism so popular in the 70s and how it changed thru the years?

-individual freedom how what influenced on the appearance of eclecticism. reflection on social status

How the desire for freedom influenced on the appearance of a new style in fashion?

FP Research 27/03/17

I finished with comparing eclectic 70s with modern eclectic style and I added information about 70s trends and about my inspiration. I noted, that a lot of bloggers prefer to wear clothes in eclectic style and they add some trends from the 70s like a patterned top on a turtleneck or a combination of vertical and horizontal striped patterns in matching colors.


I continued my research of the 70s by using different methods for creating outfits. I explained about my idea of using two styles of eclecticism: less colorful with a larger amount of patterns and more colorful and brighter, but with one type of pattern.


Also, I used website polyvore.com for creating outfits and showing how eclectic 70s can look nowadays. Further, I wanted to show what type of outfits I would like to have for my final photoshoots.


Further, I inspired from the 70s pattern and I created my own prints in 70s style and more modern versions. Mainly I used bright and vivid colors because I wanted to show the colorful mood of eclectic style.


Interview and photoshoots for FMP 26/03/17

I started my day with a breakfast with holland bloggers Lizzy. I interviewed her for an article for my mini magazine. Lizzy is from Amsterdam and she is an instablogger with 42,5 followers.  She prefers eclectic style in her daily life, so that’s why I chose to interview her.

I prepared 20 questions about her lifestyle. After we have had a conversation , we went to Notting Hill and Shoreditch districts for taking photos. I chose these districts because Notting Hill building as a background will add more color and will make photos more eclectic. Shoreditch is popular for its graffiti walls and we found yellow one with geometric drawings on it and it’s perfectly matched to Lizzy’s outfit.



After photoshoots we went to Selfridges for checking new collections. I was looking for Miu Miu and Prada because I have included them in a mindmap, moodboard as its part of my inspiration.

The latest Miu Miu’s collection is perfectly suited for my theme “Eclecticism” because there are many types of multicolor prints and patterns and colors of collections beautifully combine between themselves.


I created two outfits in total Miu Miu eclectic style and I took photos of Lizzy wearing them. I will use these pictures for my mini magazine as brand’s campaigns.


For a styling, I chose to combine warm colors. I took an idea of 70s style when you add a multicolor or patterned top or a dress on a one-color turtleneck. I add pink high-heels for making more romantic mood in and girly style. Second outfits consist of mixing patterns in one color, in my case its red&pink and its more modern interpretation of the 70s.


Further, I styled one outfit in Prada corner in Selfridges and I have more photos for campaigns.


For fashion styling n Prada I picked up an outfit in more audacious and confident mood. As written in my mind map, that I am planning to show the possibility of expressing any mood with eclectic style. I also took and ideas of the colorful top on the turtleneck, but with this look, I made it in a more modern style of the 70s with classic black shoes, but with sportive socks ( as I wrote in my mind map) and short shorts. For this more sportive outfit, I add a back with a strap that made with brilliants and I combine 2 styles.


Fashion Textile Museum 25/03/17

Today I visited Joseph Franck “Patterns-Furniture-Painting” exhibition in Fashion Textile Museum in London. Before going to London I searched fro exhibition that can help me for my project. I found on in Saatchi Gallery and I went there, but it was closes until 31th of March, so I went to Fashion Textile Museum.

I explored  the work of designer and artist Josef Frank (1885-1967) in the first-ever UK exhibition of his textiles. The Austrian-born architect moved to Sweden in 1933, where he developed his colourful brand of modernism, working with Estrid Ericson on furniture, glassware, lighting and interior design ideas. Together they redefined what is regarded as Swedish Modern. This exhibition in association with Millesgården, Stockholm highlights Frank’s vibrant fabric designs for Svenskt Tenn alongside a number of his previously unknown watercolors. ( http://www.ftmlondon.org/ftm-exhibitions/josef-frank-patterns-furniture-painting/ ).

All exhibition was in eclectic style with bright colors and different types of prints and patterns. I like the most first installation like a room with multicolor wallpaper, sofa and carpet. I wish I could to a photoshoot there. On the first picture on the right side there is textile design ‘Hawaii’ and on the second one , one left side “Primavera” pattern.



These two striped fabrics also caught my eye, because they are vivid.  First is more colorful, but  all the lines are straight and located with the same distance from each other. The second is not multicolor, but stripes are located differently , not in the same position. These fabrics have 2 eclectic mood, thats what I am looking for.

striped fabrics “Multi Stripe” 2014
fabric “Flow” 2015

“Bows” c1930. Originally a carpet design by Joseph Frank for Haus und Garten Wienna, produced by Johann Backhausen&Söhne as ARCADE. Now reproduced as interior fabric by Almedahls Sweden 2016.

interior fabric “Bows” 2016


By the way to Museum I saw a gallery “Eames Fine Art” and I entered there and there were Harvey Daniels’ exhibition with multicolor abstract works.


I liked the most a painting “Fantasia 2” 1989. Acrylic on canvas. This worked caught my eye , because if it mix of vivid colors and geometric figures in differ sizes that are located in chaotic way.


Visual Studies 24/03/17

Today we stared I lesson with drawing a classmate, which was sitting in front of us. We needed to draw his portrait with one line without lifting the pencil from the paper. After we have done a drawing, we started to make a 3D portrait using iron wire and pliers for cutting or bending.


It was difficult to do a hair and had in 3D. After I finishes my portrait , I took photos and recorded a video with a flash. My friend was moving flash in different angles and positions, so all photos look interesting and shadows from my 3D head looks differently and in different shapes.