C+CS “What is good design?” Referencing Exercise 28/02/17

The definition of a good design by Alice Rawthorne in New York Times,2008 is that good design is generally a combination of different qualities – what it does, what it looks like, and so on. Also Alice said that the design can not be good, if it does not do something useful. Hawthorne wrote in her article that how can we consider something to be well designed unless we feel confident about the way it was designed and made, and will be eventually be disposed of.( Rawthorne,2008)

“What is a good design? A look at the many definitions of quality Good design.”once said Dieter Rams, ” is as little design as possible.” Easy. Problem solved. Also good design makes a product useful.” (Heathcote 2016) . This write also said that a good design passes from something that is exquisitely and tastefully decorated to the more absolute judgement of a product that is legible and its construction and its function. ” Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.”(Heathcote 2016).

“Good design can be reached only if it has users in mind.Good design requires a good process, including a clear brief and adequate budget, along with strong leadership and the right regulation”( Simmons 2009). Richard also described how to get a good design. The best way to get it is to convince people that it adds value and that its in their best interests to produce it. If people will follow the design policies , they can create a culture that will consistently deliver good design. Behavior, resources and processes make an organization fit for purpose to get good design. Simmons wrote that a good design comes from a good client, with a sound brief, working to a realistic programme with a creative design team and an adequate budget. He also said that dialogue is the best way to reach an understanding of what good design looks like. “There are three much more important principles that make it possible to recognise good design when we see it, regardless of style. They are variously described as robustness, or durability; usefulness, or efficiency; and beauty, or the ability to delight people.”( Simmons 2009).


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