FP 1st Presentation 27/02/17

Today I started to do my presentation about the first project proposal “Eclecticism”. Eventually I have 5 files and it was not difficult to do them, because I have thought and planned what I can have as a final piece and what I will do for my researches.

Firstly I made a moodboard, which shows colors, print, patterns,styles and moods, that I am planning to use for FMP. There are photos from runways, street style, boutiques, campaigns, fashion shows’s backstage and video campaign. Second file is a mindmap. I put there my influences,concepts and ideas for my theme “Eclecticism”. Afterwards I wrote information about my plan for work for primary and secondary researches. I included research for brands, artists, magazines, colors, videos, articles, shops and work that I can do for my development like collages, drawings, illustrations, photos and create outfits using website. Also there is a file with types of photoshoots for my magazine: campaign for brand’s accessories, editorial “Eclectic dream” in a photostudio, advertising campaign for a multibrand store and still life campaigns. The page is a file with informational about my final outcome – ” Mini magazine. Eclectic Issue”. I wrote that I am planning to have editorials, advertising campaigns, articles about trends, articles about the latest fashion weeks, interview with a photoshoot, article about traveling, article about fashion news and article ‘follow eclecticism”.







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