Fashion Promotion 1st Project Proposal 22/02/17

As I have told, in my previous blog, that I have begun to think about a theme for FMP , before the project started, now I will tell you how I came up with 1st proposal.

I have read articles about trends and fashion news and I looked for a theme, which is differs from my style. Also I looked for photos from runaways, street style accounts in social media. After it I have noticed a theme, that was found often – and its “eclectic”. Furthermore, I looked for some images on Pinterest, that relate to electicism and I have decided, that this topic perfectly suits for FMP. Afterwards I started to think about a final piece. As I inspired from brand’s new collections of Gucci,Prada and Miu Miu, I can make a photoshoot for  promotion of one of this brand for its website or for an advertising campaign in a magazine. I have told my ideas about final work and my tutor said than for FMP we need to create something more complicated , that just on or two photoshoots and she proposed to make a mini magazine. I really liked this idea, so I started to think about the context of my mini magazine.

I wrote more detailed about ideas and concepts, contextual research, techniques and presentation in my proposal in a separate folder for FMP.



Eclecticism in fashion:




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