1st day of Final Major Project 20/02/17

Today all students have received a Project Form with title “Final Major Project”. We have 12 weeks for implementation and the submission date is 10am 2nd June.

For this project student will be working independently to plan, develop and realize a final exhibition of work. The work we produce for this project should follow the 4 stages of design and must showcase the very best of our creative ability within our specialism. It should demonstrate our knowledge of theories, techniques, tools materials. Outcomes for assessment: development of 2 project proposals, presentations, timetable, sketchbooks, reflection and evaluation, exhibition.

Per month before I received FMP, my friend has told me about it and that probably we will invent a theme by yourself. So I started to think about topic for this project. I wanted to choose something that will not be so easy to do and I want to challenge myself, because in the future I will not have all tasks, that suit to me or my style. How I have chosen my first theme and how I described my 1st proposal, you can see in my next blog.


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