C+CS “What is good design?” Referencing Exercise 28/02/17

The definition of a good design by Alice Rawthorne in New York Times,2008 is that good design is generally a combination of different qualities – what it does, what it looks like, and so on. Also Alice said that the design can not be good, if it does not do something useful. Hawthorne wrote in her article that how can we consider something to be well designed unless we feel confident about the way it was designed and made, and will be eventually be disposed of.( Rawthorne,2008)

“What is a good design? A look at the many definitions of quality Good design.”once said Dieter Rams, ” is as little design as possible.” Easy. Problem solved. Also good design makes a product useful.” (Heathcote 2016) . This write also said that a good design passes from something that is exquisitely and tastefully decorated to the more absolute judgement of a product that is legible and its construction and its function. ” Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.”(Heathcote 2016).

“Good design can be reached only if it has users in mind.Good design requires a good process, including a clear brief and adequate budget, along with strong leadership and the right regulation”( Simmons 2009). Richard also described how to get a good design. The best way to get it is to convince people that it adds value and that its in their best interests to produce it. If people will follow the design policies , they can create a culture that will consistently deliver good design. Behavior, resources and processes make an organization fit for purpose to get good design. Simmons wrote that a good design comes from a good client, with a sound brief, working to a realistic programme with a creative design team and an adequate budget. He also said that dialogue is the best way to reach an understanding of what good design looks like. “There are three much more important principles that make it possible to recognise good design when we see it, regardless of style. They are variously described as robustness, or durability; usefulness, or efficiency; and beauty, or the ability to delight people.”( Simmons 2009).


FP 1st Presentation 27/02/17

Today I started to do my presentation about the first project proposal “Eclecticism”. Eventually I have 5 files and it was not difficult to do them, because I have thought and planned what I can have as a final piece and what I will do for my researches.

Firstly I made a moodboard, which shows colors, print, patterns,styles and moods, that I am planning to use for FMP. There are photos from runways, street style, boutiques, campaigns, fashion shows’s backstage and video campaign. Second file is a mindmap. I put there my influences,concepts and ideas for my theme “Eclecticism”. Afterwards I wrote information about my plan for work for primary and secondary researches. I included research for brands, artists, magazines, colors, videos, articles, shops and work that I can do for my development like collages, drawings, illustrations, photos and create outfits using website. Also there is a file with types of photoshoots for my magazine: campaign for brand’s accessories, editorial “Eclectic dream” in a photostudio, advertising campaign for a multibrand store and still life campaigns. The page is a file with informational about my final outcome – ” Mini magazine. Eclectic Issue”. I wrote that I am planning to have editorials, advertising campaigns, articles about trends, articles about the latest fashion weeks, interview with a photoshoot, article about traveling, article about fashion news and article ‘follow eclecticism”.






Fashion Promotion 2nd Project Proposal 23/02/17

For a theme for a second project proposal , my influences are Gucci SS2016 collection, Vogue Russia editorial with a model Irina Shayk, new trend of pantsuits , that I noticed from all the fashion weeks AW2017/18, Marlen Ditrix style and her pantsuits. The theme is “Androgyny”. Firstly, I called it ‘unisex’, but  my tutor said that she has already discussed this theme with 2 students and its better to name it differently. Also for this proposal I am planning to do a mini magazine, but in another style. For magazine’s photoshoot I can photograph a model in masculine style. Also I have a variant, that I can show that a woman can wears any style and looks beautiful, so for a styling I can use both styles for a woman: feminine and masculine.



Some more information from a FMP folder:




Fashion Promotion 1st Project Proposal 22/02/17

As I have told, in my previous blog, that I have begun to think about a theme for FMP , before the project started, now I will tell you how I came up with 1st proposal.

I have read articles about trends and fashion news and I looked for a theme, which is differs from my style. Also I looked for photos from runaways, street style accounts in social media. After it I have noticed a theme, that was found often – and its “eclectic”. Furthermore, I looked for some images on Pinterest, that relate to electicism and I have decided, that this topic perfectly suits for FMP. Afterwards I started to think about a final piece. As I inspired from brand’s new collections of Gucci,Prada and Miu Miu, I can make a photoshoot for  promotion of one of this brand for its website or for an advertising campaign in a magazine. I have told my ideas about final work and my tutor said than for FMP we need to create something more complicated , that just on or two photoshoots and she proposed to make a mini magazine. I really liked this idea, so I started to think about the context of my mini magazine.

I wrote more detailed about ideas and concepts, contextual research, techniques and presentation in my proposal in a separate folder for FMP.



Eclecticism in fashion:



C+CS Critical Study 21/02/17

I will research and write a Critical Study based on my Final Major Project. The essay title should be a question. Word count 1,500-2,000 +/- 10%. I will need to follow the structure of Title page, Introduction, Body of Research, Conclusion and Bibliography, printed and presented in a folder.

I am planning to start a research for my essay and choosing a question title, when I will make the final choice of the theme of my Final Major Project. By researching my subject for FMP, I can invent a good theme for the essay and ask an advice from my tutors for better choice.


1st day of Final Major Project 20/02/17

Today all students have received a Project Form with title “Final Major Project”. We have 12 weeks for implementation and the submission date is 10am 2nd June.

For this project student will be working independently to plan, develop and realize a final exhibition of work. The work we produce for this project should follow the 4 stages of design and must showcase the very best of our creative ability within our specialism. It should demonstrate our knowledge of theories, techniques, tools materials. Outcomes for assessment: development of 2 project proposals, presentations, timetable, sketchbooks, reflection and evaluation, exhibition.

Per month before I received FMP, my friend has told me about it and that probably we will invent a theme by yourself. So I started to think about topic for this project. I wanted to choose something that will not be so easy to do and I want to challenge myself, because in the future I will not have all tasks, that suit to me or my style. How I have chosen my first theme and how I described my 1st proposal, you can see in my next blog.