C+CS Presentation Day 24/01/17

Today I read my presentation about Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington in front of my class.

I finished my presentation and I added a few Grace’s interesting opinions about fashion trends, how fashion has changed and her opinion about perfect assistant. I think it was interesting for students, to listen opinions from the person , who has worked for the world of fashion magazine for 27 years, because Grace has a huge experience in this field. The end of my presentation is really  interesting and contains information about the best Grace’s fashion editorial of her career in Vogue, including all the images from this photoshoot. I liked the fact about this editorial , that when their work has ended ,the team that had had a nice picnic with delicious food, and it is means that its so important to have such a great team , with whom you can work easily and then have a great time together and be not only colleagues , but also friends.

In conclusion , I want to say that , I have had a good experience in my specialism’s research and my knowledge has increased in that field of activity , in which I want to continue to study and work


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