FP Brend Identity 18/01/17

Today I worked on SWOT analysis and PESTLE report. I have never heard before about it and I have no idea how to it. So I started to research about these analysis and I read some exa,plus of them . Furthermore I read articles , where people described what &otherstories do. One fact, that helped me to write SWOT – is comparing my brand with others and especially with brands from H&M group.IMG_1939.jpg

After my researched I wrote about strengths without any problems. Also for opportunities I came up with great ideas. For weakness I compared the brand and I wrote that it  lacks. Lastly, the most difficult was to write the threats, but after I read more articles about brand’s position and and SWOT examples, finally , some ideas came to my mind.

For PESTLE report I read may example of it for better understanding. And not easily I was able to list examples of Political,Technological,Environmental,Economic,Social and Legal report of &otherstories brand. After I showed my report to my tutor , he said that it would be better to write some examples for what I have listed and how it can affect the brand. So I added some information in brackets.


After these analysis I have done Positioning Map. As I have chose to identify one of my favorite brands &other stories, I already knew with which brands I can put it on the positioning map. There are brands, which have similar style and color palette of clothing and other products, but with different quality and price(because of better quality).



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