FP Brend identity 16/01/17

Today I have done more color swatches : for shop bag(colorful color blocks I have done in Photoshop by myself) and for clothes collections. For clothes I chose those colors , which are mainly used to make &otherstories collections , the basic colors. There is a small part of ready-to-wear with patterned colors. They have prints like underwater,pouring rain,carbon print,stripped and agate print.




On computer in Photoshop I made files about Price brand matrix,product categories and product information(fabrics,best-sellers,prices,sizes) by collecting information from official &otherstories website and information that I asked staff in London store.




For writing about target customer &otherstories I read explanations of creative directors of the brand about what they are trying to do for customers, in order to that the clients will come back with pleasure for new acquisition in &otherstories stores. Also I asked worker in shop on Regent Street about target customers age and social status. She answered that the main target client is 20-25 y.o.(there is also older part) with different social status and mostly middle income. Furthermore I read a few blogger’s opinions and after all this information I wrote my own view about it.




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