Research for individual presentations C&CS 17/01/17

Today I almost finished my presentation. After I wrote about her style of work and added the names , with whom she has worked , I want to find some interview with Grace and add some interesting opinions about fashion. Further, I want to find the best Grace’s magazine editorial and how she felt doing it.



Grace Coddington loves cats. She has illustrated a book about them, published by Karl Lagerfeld; she has designed an accessories collection for Balenciaga decorated with scratchy portraits of them, and she dedicates a chapter of her memoirs to them. Cutler is in talks with her about directing an animated film about them. Cats. She dreams about them.

“I’m not happy photographing fur because I love my cats, and I cannot really separate animals and say: ‘It’s OK to kill those but not these.’ I don’t conscientiously object to fur, but if I can get around it I will. I don’t seek it out.” said Grace.

“There are a lot of crazies in this industry,” Coddington admits, “but there are sane people, too – you just have to weed them out.” Perhaps it’s more accurate then, to credit at least a part of her success to being simply likeable. A beacon of kindness in a world that makes people cry.

After my research I broaden my knowledge in the world of fashion magazines and especially how the main people started their career in the fashion industry. It is always useful to research about your interests and then write about in your own words. It can be useful in future studies and work.


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