FP Visiting &otherstories store 13/01/17

For my home work and primary research I went in London for visiting the brand , that I chose and total photos and make notes about music,lighting,colors,layout of shop,window displays,uniform and atmosphere.


& Other stories on Regent Street has 2 floors.On ground floor : clothes are at the front and beauty in the middle and there are more stands with clothes near second enter of the store. On 1st floor : accessories,clothes  are at the front and shoes at the back.. There are 2 enters to the store : one from Regent store and another from Argyll Street. In window displays there are clothes,shoes and accessories and on the background photos of Paris architecture. Also one mannequin on shopping window is turning around and its really attract passers attention.

The atmosphere of the store is placid and calm, accompanied with relaxing music and not bright light blocks, which illuminate stands with products.. I used app “shazam” to identify songs from the store’s playlist.


Products are grouped by design aesthetic and often accompanied by photos of arhictecture or from brand’s lookbook, green plants and small stands with inscription about price,material.

&Other stories staff do not have uniform and they wear their own clothes.

Clothes have been divided up into color sections: a bright and colorful collection located separately from one with basic colors.



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