FP New project 11/01/17

Today we started a new project “Brand identity and analysis”. A project based on High street Fashion and accessory companies investigating the brand identity,ethos,market and promotional aspects. Our outcome : digital layout on issue.com with printed version,sketchbook,bibliography and reflective blog.

I have never done such tasks before and I think that this project is complicated enough.  I have read the project form more that 2 times for better understanding of things , that I will do. After I started to think about a brand , that I want identify. Immediately , two brand came to my mind : COS and &otherstories. These brands are my favourite and  there are popular . Finally, I chose &otherstories, because I know more about it and they more creative. The make different collaboration, they are really active like brand company, because they co-operate with bloggers and other popular people and by doing that they attract many customers.



Furthermore , I found many &otherstories employers and workers on website linkedin.com. I wrote some emails to managers ,visual merchandisers and buyers and asked them different questions ,which relates to my project  and I hope they will answer me soon.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 15.34.35.png


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