Research for individual presentations C+CS 10/01/17

For our task each student will present their research into art and design areas of specialism to their seminar groups for 10 minutes.

My specialism area is Fashion Promotion. I started to think about a topic I would like to research and tell to other students. There is one aspect , which interested me in Fashion Promotion – its fashion magazines, so I would like to start research about the most important people in this topic , namely creative directors. I chose my favorite magazine “Vogue” . The most famous fashion magazine director is Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief  of American Vogue), but I thought t it would be more interesting to write not about Anna , but no less important person in the world of fashion magazines and Anna’s right hand – Grace Coddington. I think that less people know about her and my presentation about Grace will be interesting for all.

Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour

I started to read about Grace life and how she started her career and how she works.

“She’s a storyteller,” explains US Vogue‘s contributing editor Sarah Mower”And I’ve concluded in looking through years of her work that the story is about Grace. She really cares what the clothes look like, but far more important to her is ‘feeling the girl’ in the picture, her character, her escapades, her sense of humour.

“I’m a creative person, but I’m one of a team of people that helps the photographer” Coddington said.


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