FP Final Evaluation 05/01/17

The title of my project is ” Imperfection – Fashion Moving Image”. After 6 weeks of concept research,idea development,planing and preparation,filming and editing I have made a 2 min fashion moving image with the central theme ‘IMPERFECTION’.

I began this project by doing a research around a central concept : imperfection. I started to gather research by looking different fashion films,advertisement, fashion campaign films and music videos. In my mind map I distributed ideas of variety of imperfections.  After I found a few video , that struck me as interesting , I have had one, but not clear idea and I made one mood board. Then I started to think how I can develop it and I stuck and I could not think of and find how I can continue my initial idea.

I started again to watch more video and read articles , that might help me. After attending different websites I found one video, that inspired me for a totally new idea. I created new mood board and started more specific research relying on my idea about jewellery campaign , using imperfect hands and fruits. I began develop my notion by creating collages using Photoshop. This really helped me to understand how my idea will look and start further methods of research. The next step was attract attention to jewellery campaign films and still lives. I found some videos that inspired me for my collages and I was planning to use effects from that video for my final fashion film. Furthermore , I used drawing,photography,screenshots and more collages to present development of ideas and methods.

By doing video experiment in iMovie and Adobe Premiere I expanded my knowledge with new editing possibilities in these two programs. Before writing a plan my film, I discovered a video campaign for the fashion brand “CHAOS”, which related for my theme, because chaos is also imperfection. This video was most inspiring for my final movie and I took idea with text in the beginning of video and a soundtrack. I organised well all the aspects  of my plan for film : location,mood,properties,methods,context and also I draw story boards , where I shown planned sequence of shots.

The filming day gone very well. I was fearing that I did not get to realise all my ideas , because I have had a picture in my head , how I want to see all the shots and I thought that it could not be matched with the real one. Fortunately, all my expectations were met and everything turned out the way I wanted. Two hours was enough for filming and I all took off leisurely with pleasure.

The editing gone fine and some exercises that I have done before in the class helped me to finish it. Duration of my film is 2 min 14sec. In my blog I explained and shown how I have edit my final film and what I have done for it. I have managed my time quite well and I even finished earlier that the day of ‘ Hand In’ . Everything that I had planned I got to do and I am so satisfied with my final work.


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