Shooting a film and backstage 18/12/16


I filmed the video the next day when I arrived to my home. I wanted to finish my work at the beginning of holidays  and when have a rest and d not think about it. I have reserved a white studio 2 weeks before , because this studio is popular in my city and its better to reserve it earlier. I brought with me one bag and a luggage with all the props that I needed.


I reserved the studio for 2 hours and I started to work at 15:00. In the studio I set two main lights , that illuminated very well the table of the two white tables. Firstly, I filmed shots on a white surface and then I changed coloured paper in yellow,green,blue and peach colours.  The day before the filming I have coloured fruits in unnatural colours and I have bought some more food for the video. A week before filming I asked my mom to prepare some fruits that will rot and will be ready when I will make a film.



I have bought some jewellery in H&M store and also I have took mom’s accessories. For filming I brought my camera Nikon D7100 and I took a tripod from the studio. Sometimes I changed the position only of the stem of tripod for the closer shots. I have not planning to buy a cake for the film , but when I was looking for fruits , I saw a cake with fruits on the top in the supermarket and I thought that I can create some interesting shots using this cake.



My model was prepared with imperfect nails for filming and I was telling her that she needed to do with all the props when I was filming. In the end she ate a donut and a piece of cake and she was happy:D






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