FP Plan for film and storyboards 16/12/16


Location : I have reserved total white studio. I want focus on hands and food that will stand out again a background.



Mood: In the first part of my video I will film in more calm mood, where hands with jewellery just playing with fruits and holding the accessories. In the second part, my model will start to destroy,paint and cut food. Also the soundtrack “Downtown” without words is perfectly match to my video, because in the second part of music is more faster and active.

Properties: Imperfect manicure, plasters, paints,brushes, colourful paper,plates,fruits,cereals, knife, jewellery and furniture , where I can put all the stuff and film my video.

Methods: I will film with my camera Nikon D7100 and a tripod. I am not planning to move a camera , it will be static.

Context: Campaign for jewellery brand.

By creating my fashion film , I want communicate to people , tat imperfection is beautiful, cool and it can be stylish also. Talking about different types of advertising, I want show, that it is not obligatory to be perfect to demonstrate or to tell something to our world, because nobody is perfect.


I am planning make shots with text at the beginning, than more calm sequences with hands,fruits and all the food, after there is a pause in the soundtrack , I will make black screen with phrase ” Imperfection is perfect” and than shots with destroying.




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