Editing of my fashion film 27/12/16

Technical process in Photoshop :

Firstly , for the editing of my film, I started to make colourful images of the word ‘imperfection’ as I have planned before. In Photoshop I just wrote this word in different types,sizes and colours on the colourful background. When I was doing this, one idea came to my mind: write the word ‘imperfection’ each letter of this word in a new shot, so I created 12 shots with colourful letters I,M,P,E,R,F,E,C,T,I,O,N. The last shot was an image  of word ‘ imperfection’ located in different positions and there is one word in the centre in a right position.







Technical process in iMovie:

I have done the editing of my film in program iMovie, because I have planned not very difficult or special editing and this program is perfectly do for the editing, that I have planned.



The main idea was that most of shots will coincide with music sounds. For example, there is one noticeable sound that always repeats and I have set videos when model cuts or puts fruits and these movement concur with this sound.



In editing I changed the speed of shots, some of them are quicker and others are slower then the originals. I have done faster effect for that videos , which are look too long , for example when the model puts on a bracelet. The slower one for the video with drop of pomegranate’s juice and after this it looks more visible and interesting. Also I have done effect like reverse for 2 sequences. Furthermore , I combined my videos in a such way, that the colourful background was not repeated with the next one. As well I added text before ” destroying part” , which appears and disappears from the black background. In the end of the movie, the soundtrack ends before the video and I have done it, because it looks imperfect.















































































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