C+CS Evaluation and Conclusion 13/12/16

Since we started our C+CS Seminars I have broaden my knowledge in history of art and I have learned how I can connect different types of art to my specialism. Even if not all art movements , that we have learned interested me and some art pieces I did not like and  understand , all our lessons have been so useful.

I am planning to sum up all art movements , that we have learned on our seminars.

Historical painting “The Arnolfini Marriage” demonstrates how items are symbolically used to cover meanings behind each work of art. Comparing contemporary art to traditional , its looks more simple and not really intelligible to audience , but modern art consist of prepared idea, that can inform people.

Dada and Surrealism have definitely molded the course of innovation. The Dada development was activated by response to genuine occasion, for example, alarming wars, possibilities and analyses were significant to Dada since it permits cheerful mishap to be embraced.On the other hand, Surrealism was roused by one’s oblivious personality, as it were implausible things are depicted as a topic.

Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism were viewed as another type of craftsmanship as they tested the customary method for painting. The structure, shading and arrangement of a topic, for example, the tree by Mondrian were completely changed into disentangled or even unrecognizable variant. Henceforth photography was vital to the improvement of theoretical workmanship as it recorded the genuine type of the subject, subsequently craftsmen could strip away and strip down a question in any ways they like.

Commercialism and Pop Art have emerged with large scale manufacturing all over. Andy Warhol’s work are amazing as he has associated workmanship with mass-disseminated protest and individuals, for example, soup jars and film stars separately. Vital message which still important today are discernible in James Rosenquist F-111 1965 painting, his work passes on that workmanship ought be acknowledged as well as it ought to speak with the gatherings of people to have a beneficial outcome on their life.

Conceptual Art firmly advances everybody ought to have their own particular elucidations on the craftsmanship, they ought to feel associated and bond with workmanship through their own special experience of review or even their own past encounters. There is no genuine definition set to every bit of applied craftsmanship, it is only a visual matter which trigger distinctive individuals’ attitudes and perspectives.





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