Fashion Promotion Research 07/12/16

Today I started to draw in my sketchbook. Firstly I drew food , that do not match with its other part and I added uneven colorful background , that match to the food, but not for each. All about imperfection.

As well, I am planning to film shots, where another part of fruit is not the same fruit. For example , part of apple with orange or also I can film part of natural yellow banana with second red unnatural part.


Then I have research brand and campaign that have used food, especially fruits. It was not difficult to find it, because many companies use food for photoshoots and still life. But there are always choose perfect and good looking fruits, in my case, I will show that it is possible to sell the product by using not perfect objects.


Also I created collage , where I have shown , what I am planning to use for my final fashion movie. Hand with imperfect manicure and plaster, fruits in unnatural color and rotten fruits. Imperfection in food is also beautiful.


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